What's the Master Association?

The "Master Association" (officially, the  Renaissance at North Brunswick Master Association) is an umbrella HOA created by our Master Deed to which all four local associations belong (Village I (that's us!), Village II, Walk and Woods).   The Master Association controls, operates and manages the recreational facilities, private roadways, sidewalks, curbs, detention facilities, water tank and street lighting.

Where can I park?

Every unit is assigned one parking space.  These spaces are typically close to your unit and designated by a 3 letter code on the pavement.  Guest spaces make up the remainder and are unmarked.

Do we recycle?

Yes!  There is a "single-stream" garbage shed located by Building 9.   Only paper (including cardboard) and recyclable cans can be deposited here.  You do not need to separate items, but boxes do need to be broken down.

What utility companies service us?

PSE&G is our electric and natural gas provider.  Cablevision (Optimum) and Verizon FIOS are our entertainment providers.  Both companies service every building and its the owner/tenant's choice.

Am I required to carry insurance?

Yes.  The By-Laws of the association (as amended) require you to carry homeowners insurance.  When seeking insurance, you may be asked about the building construction.  Here is some information about our buildings:

  1. There are 22 units per building with no firewalls.
  2. There is no attic or basement space that is owned by any unit
  3. Buildings are wood-framed, constructed with asphalt roofing singles, and vinyl siding.
  4. For the purposes of YOUR unit, there is no sump pump or pool.  (there is a pool, but its not inside the property  you own and are responsible for).
  5. All the units have been sold by the developer.  The developer, nor any company or individual owns any substantial amount of units.
  6. The nearest fire station is  between 0.9-1.2 miles away, depending on which building you live in.  There are no sprinklers in the buildings.

Is there an initial HOA fee when I move in?

Yes.  There is a $350 fee that is refundable when you sell your unit.  This will most likely be incorporated into your closing costs when you sit down with the attorneys.

FAQ (continued)


How can I use the pool?

This is the responsibility of the Master Association.  However, we can tell you that their rules are generally resident passes + 2 guest passes.  A resident needs to accompany a guest.  Owners/Tenants must provide proof that they are members of this association through showing a lease or utility bill on the sign up day.   Refer to the Master for more details about sign-up day.

...and the tennis court?

Open use.  You can usually find a time to play.  However, there are several more courts located at the end of Renaissance Blvd.

What do I do with hazardous waste or oversized waste?

Oversized waste (e.g. TV's) go in a garbage shed near Building 9 that has a sign on it indicating it is for oversized waste.  Hazardous materials can be disposed of twice a year by dropping it off with the County -- usually by the jail on Rt. 130.  Check the county's website for details.  Latex paint can be left outside to dry/harden and can be put in the regular trash.

Can I work on my car in the lot?

I don't think so.  This would be under the Master Association rules.. since they "own" the parking lots.

Can I park my (non-car) vehicle here?

Maybe.  Trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, boat trailers and RVs under 20 feet in length are permitted.  Abandoned or unlicensed vehicles will be towed at your expense.

Can I rent out my Unit?

Yes.  See the latest amendment to the by-laws for rules.  In brief, the lease must be at least 6 months long, you must pay $350 to the association for each new tenant ($50 for each renewal), and the landlord and tenant must fill in and submit the Condo Lease Rider form along with a copy of the lease.  All this is in addition to Township rules such as obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy and submitting a Landlord Registration.